When the strength and rigidity of a hardline is required in a high pressure application, look at the HL836 Series. The perfect compliment to our exisiting ranges of flexible hose and fittings. Use with our range of female and male pipe nuts. Constructed of cold drawn seamless stainless steel, our HL836 Series Hardline gives consistent flares and non-collapsing bends. Aircraft spec flaring tool available to allow you to flare your own tube.

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Hardline Stainless Steel Fittings

Part No: N8426C

Part No: AN818-03C

Part No: AN819-03C

Hardline Aluminium HL 836 Tube and Re-Usable Aluminium Fittings

Goodridge have developed the ultimate in Hardline with its HL836 Series Aluminium Tube. It Combines the strength and rigidity expected in a hardline, but introduces and unprecedented element of weight savings. Constructed of a precision drawn aluminium with a polymide coating, this hardline tube gives exceptional characteristics. It combines formability, form retention, low weight, high strength and corrosion resistance. The inside surface is completely free of foreign particles. HL836 Series aluminium tube has been developed especially for the transport of air, fuel and other fuels in automotive applications. HL836 is available with a full range of male and female fittings, which require no flare. Widely used in Europe for fuel and airkjack systems. Very light and economical.

Part No: hardline

Aluminium Hardline Fittings 04/06D

Part No: HL598

Part No: HL811

Part No: HL814

Part No: HL821

Part No: HL822

Part No: HL823

Part No: HL824

Part No: HL831

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Part No: HL591
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