Goodridge Brake Lines Hoses and Fittings

200 Series Stainless Braided Nitrile Hose and Fittings

Goodridge 200 Series hose is premier stainless steel braided nitrile hose. Designed to Goodridge's exacting specifications and exclusively manufactured for Goodridge, this hose has been supplied to motorsport racing champions for many years. 200 Series Hose is designed for use with a range of re-usable aluminium hose ends and provides essential protection and resistance to high pressure, temperature, vibration, fire risks and chaffing. It is constructed of a seamless synthetic CPE inner with an integral stainless steel braid and a high tensile stainless steel outer braid.

200 Series Hose

200 Series hose has the highest corrosion and resistance threshold of any stainless steel braided nitrile hose available. It can be used with all synthetic lubricants, fuels, oils, coolants and alcohols including methanol and nitromethane.

You can order the 200 Series hose directly from here.

This hose is perfectly manufactured for efficient and reliable use with 136, 1136, 236, 336, 2776 Series Hose Ends. The traditional racing hose.

Part No: 200_06_02

202 Hose

202 Hose is a single braid hose for standard pipe applications. Use with 936 hose finishers or hose clips, 202 Hose offers quality and appearance at affordable cost.

Part No: 202hose

1136 Swivel Single Nipple Max-Flow Alloy Hose Fittings for: 200 Series Hose

This series combines the popular single nipple design with a full 360o adjustable capability all at an affordable price. Fittings can be produced in electroplate finish or clean anodised (Silver)

Part No: 1136

Part No: 136-0106

Part No: 136-12~1

Part No: 136-15~1

Part No: 136-18~1

Part No: 136-4506

Part No: 136-9006

136 Electroplate Single Nipple JIC/UNF Alloy Hose Fittings for: 200 Series Hose

Identical to our red and blue 1136 series single nipple fittings, but silver electroplate

Part No: 136_0108e

Part No: 136_4508e

Part No: 136_9010e

Part No: 136-12006E

Part No: 136-15006E

Part No: 136-18006E

236 JIC Alloy Hose Fittings for 200 : 200 Series Hose

The most comprehensive range of lightweight, re-usable alloy hose ends precisely engineered to fit the 200 series Hose. The Aerospace standard Triple Seal/Double O-ring nitrile, cutter design ensures a secure, leak free connection every time.

All 236, 336 and 1136 Series Hose Ends allow for all time alignment with their 360-degree swivel ends. The 236 series has bent full flow bent tube bodies, giving increased flow characteristics. The 336 Series has forged style bodies, offering that added measure of strength. They are bright anodised red and blue for longer life and colour retention.

Part No: 236

Part No: 236-0106

Part No: 236-0106DR

Part No: 236-120

Part No: 236-16~1

Part No: 236-18~1

Part No: 236-30

Part No: 236-4610

Part No: 236-60

Part No: 236-9008

336 Forged Fittings for 200 Hose

Forged fittings offer extra strength and low profile for difficult and restricted locations.

Part No: 336-450

Part No: 336-45~1

Part No: 336-900

Part No: 336-9008

Part No: 736-0106

Part No: 736-4506

Part No: 736-9091

Part No: 736-9392

Hose Finisher for No-Thread Applications of 200, 202 & 536/TF-TU25 Hoses

When your hoses are not exposed to pressures or working enviroments that demand our race ready 1136, 236 or 336 Series Hose Ends the hose finishers are just what you need. These 936-Series Hose Finishers hide a 100% stainless steel Gear Drive Hose Clamp, giving the look or racing fittings at an affordable price. They are the perfect finishing touch to a fully dressed engine.

Part No:
No Longer Available

Part No:

Part No:

Part No:

Part No:
No Longer Available
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