Goodridge Brake Lines Hoses and Fittings

536 and TF-TU25 Push Fit Hose and Fittings

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536 Hose

Goodridge Push Fit 536 Series Hose is an exclusive product manufactured with a special reinforced internal textile braiding and blue elastomer cover. This high quality hose is designed for use in lower pressure applications with our new range of 536 Series Push Fit Hose Ends. When the superior performance of stainless braided nitrile hose is not required, Push Fit is an excellent choice offering high quality, reliability, durability and affordability (Not recommended for suction systems).

Part No: 536_BLUEPIPE

JIC/UNF Push Fit Hose Fittings for 536 Hose

A complete range of 536 Series Push Fit Hose Ends have been designed and manufactered to match the 536 Series Hose. All 636 Series Push Fit Hose Ends are manufactured to the same high standards as our Red and Blue alloy hose ends. The Goodridge developed Sure Lock barbed end securely locks into the hose, giving a cost effective, safe and reliable connection. Once pushed on you will have to cut it off. Great for all low pressure applications and breathers.

Part No: 536-0106

Part No: 536-12~1

Part No: 536-15~1

Part No: 536-18~1

Part No: 536-4508

Part No: 536-9006

BSP Hose Fittings for TF-TU25/536 Hose

This range of Sure Lock style Push Fit Hose Ends is designed for the 536 and TFTU25 Series Hoses. They do not require an additional hose clamps to hold the recommended pressures of the hose. These economy hose ends can be quickly fitted to the hose for a safe and effective connection. A range of steel JIC/UNF fittings are also available. Ideal for oil cooler/water applications.

Part No: 350-06

Part No: 351-08

Part No: 7000-08

Part No: 7001-06

Part No: 185-0106P

Part No: 185-06R1

Part No: 185-4506

Part No: 185-9006

Part No: 2556_06_02
Please call for prices and availability

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