Goodridge Brake Lines Hoses and Fittings


This section contains all those extras the professional may require to complete the job together with some extras Goodridge has been asked for over the years.

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Buna O-Ring

Part No: OR6290

Part No: LWD


Lockwire Twist Pliers

Part No: TP598



Aircraft quality clamps to support and locate hoses. They can be secured either by rivet or bolt.

Part No: PLCC

Aircraft Quality Stainless Steel Hose End Clip

Light weight, fully machined, all stainless.

Part No: PLWG-05

Oetiker Clip and Oetiker Pliers

An effective way of securing your hoses - when a more permanent fixture is required. Secure with an Oetiker crimping tool.

Part No: clip


Oetiker Pliers

Part No: 1098


Hose Separators

Route your hoses where you want them, out of harms way. Hose separators are manufactured from billet aluminium and anodised to suit your colour scheme. Great for race vehicles, motorcycles and street machines.

Part No: PHS-03dcl

Part No: PHS-03DR

Part No: PHS-03db

Ty Raps and Saddles

Self-extinguishing nylon pull through ties that self lock. An effective and inexpensive method od securing cables, fluid lines, etc. May be used with or without saddle hose base.

Part No: TY25

PVC Heatshrink

Self extinguishing PVC protective covering, giving protection against corrosion and abrasion. This tough, hard wearing material may be fitted to braided or any other automotive component and shrunk to size by hot air, with a maximum reduction of 35% of original size.

Part No: HS760-03GR

Part No: HS760-03PR

Part No: HS760-03RD

Part No: HS760-03YE

Part No: HS760-03BK

Raychem Heatshrink

Raychem represents the ultimate high performance covering, offering protection from heat, abrasion and chemical attack. Easily shrink to size using hot air.

Part No: DR25

Reinforced Platic Tube

To suit Motocross and Enduro applications, this hard plastic tubing can be used over your flexible hose and attached to the fork leg and swing arm.

Part No: HP-03BU

Part No: HD-03RD


A glass cloth with an aluminium foil surface on one side. Its lightweight construction makes it a very popular heat and fire protector. It is now also available with Aramid Fibre Reinforced cloth and ultimate strength.

Part No: EKC

Aramid Flameguard

Offering additional heat and flame protection for all high temperature enviroments.

Part No: k600

Fireproof Sleeve

A silicone covered sleeve which acts as a fire retardant, an insulator and a chafe protector. Installed by inserting the hose into the sleeve prior to hose fitting assembly. The standard colour is silver, but is also available in orange on request.

Part No: FG900_SILVER


An insulative fibreglass sleeving with a silicone coating designed to protect components in high temperature areas where the heavier fireproof sleeving is not required. It provides superior insulation to components that must maintain stable temperatures to assure performance efficiency. Its braided construction allows good flexibility in temperatures as low as -40C.


Polythene Spiral Banding

A flexible spiral binding to provide protection to both hose and paintwork.

Part No: FRP


Certain pre-formed heater and radiator hoses are impossible to replace with pre-braided stainless steel hose. The stainless steel overbraid fitted over the original hose is the ideal way to finish off any first class installation.

Part No: 8100

Plastic Red Caps and Plugs

Inexpensive plastic caps and plugs for temporary sealing of hose assemblies and protection of threads.

Part No: CAPS

Apex Universal Joints

The universal joints are made to aircraft specifications and are recognised as being the best available for use with gear or steering linkages. The sizes allow fitting either by welding or pinning. The joint is covered with a rubber boot for protection from dirt and retention of grease.

Part No: UJ174

Fuel Caps and Filler Necks

Part No: 4250-AG

Part No: FN900
Alloy Spanners

Part No: AW760-06

Part No: AW760-08

Part No: AW760-10

Part No: AW760-12

Part No: AW760-16
Fuel Pressure Gauge

Part No: 1012
Brake Fluid

Part No: Fluid bottle

Custom Fuel Filter

Engineered and designed to aircraft standards these Goodridge filters can be assembled to suit all your filtration requirements. The filter is custom designed to optimise weight reduction whilst maintaining pressure rating. An aircraft specification filter insert providing outstanding cleanliness and can be easily cleaned and replaced.

Part No: FF572-06

Part No: FF06DR

Part No: FCV-06


Facet - Bendix Fuel Pump

These pumps are accepted as the standard pump for all competition applications. A very high standard of construction makes these rugged high performance pumps extremely reliable. May be placed in pairs, either parallel or series.


Fuel Shut off Taps

Lightweight and compact tap, allowing full flow or 100% shut-off.

Part No: PV72-06

In-line Thermostats

The cooler thermostat is designed to be fitted into the oil lines between the filter and the cooler. This unit prevents the oil passing through the cooler until a temperature of 75 degrees C has been reached, ensuring a quick warm up, and stops over-cooling of the oil. Available with a range of threads or spigots.

Part No: 0tp-12a

Remote Filter Heads

Aluminium cast filter head with 1/2 bsp female ports or with 1/2" Push Fit tails. A sandwich plate is required if the filter is being re-positioned from the original location.

Part No: RFHP-12

Sandwich Plates and Adaptor Bolts

Aluminium cast sandwich plate used with our remote filter heads, in-line Thermostats and Oil Coolers.

Part No: SBP-12

Part No: SBTB-12

Copper Crush Washers

Sealing washer for use with chrome plated steel, mild steel and stainless fittings.

Part No: CUW

Alloy Crush Washers

Sealing washer for use with aluminium and stainless fittings.

Part No: cw901


The stat-o-seal is the best sealing washer available. It consists of a synthetic rubber 'O' ring mechanically locked ot the I.D of an aluminium crush washer. This provides the advantages of an O ring seal, but with ease of fitting. Stat-o-seals will tolerate temperatures from: -30C to 233C.

Part No: SS902

Bondd Seals (Dowty)

High quality bonded Dowty sealing washers in a range of sizes

Part No: DW-213

Oil Coolers

An efficient lightweight Oil Cooler is essential for any competition installation and an often needed option on many street vehicles. Our range of high quality alloy coolers are available in both JIC and BSP threads. Only two widths of cooler are stocked, seven other widths are available on request.

Part No: OIL919-AN-

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